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First Aid Trainer Starter Pack (10 person)

  • $1,975.00

This first aid trainer starter pack is perfect for people wanting to get into the first aid training industry or for those wanting to upgrade their existing equipment.

This pack is designed to cater for a class of up to 10 people.

This starter pack includes:

  • 2 x Prestan Professional Adult Manikins (with CPR Monitor)
  • 1 x Prestan Professional Child Manikin (with CPR Monitor)
  • 2 x Prestan Professional Infant Manikins (with CPR Monitor)
  • 2 x Prestan AED UltraTrainer
  • 2 x Box of CPR Face Shields (36 in each box)
  • 5 x EpiPen (adrenaline auto-injector) training device
  • 2 x Placebo Asthma Puffer (bronchodilator)
  • 2 x Asthma Spacer Device
  • 12 x Medium Cotton Crepe Roller Bandage 10cm
  • 12 x Premium Heavy Weight Conforming Bandage 10cm
  • 10 x Calico Triangular Bandage 96 x 96cm
  • 12 x Wound Dressing


First aid manuals and basic life support (DRSABCD) charts also available here.

Note: First aid training also requires a workplace first aid kit. Shop our range here.



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